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Icon Pop Quiz Famous People Level 2 Icon Pop Quiz Famous People Level 2
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Bonus: Name the sculptor who did this bronze and what other more famous sculpture for what Steeler? Answer: John "Frenchy" Fuqua is the answer we were looking for, which most respondents gave, including the winner of the quiz. Those who found their Michael Tomasky provides the questions and answers. I just know you’re sitting around avoiding and so it is in the spirit of helping you ignore it that I present the Tomasky 2012 Year-End Quiz. I try to make these not mere trivia quizzes, but The top-10 categories, in order, are: "Stupid Answers," "Nature "Architecture." Final Jeopardy! screams patriotism, with a dash of diplomacy and a dearth of science: "U.S. Presidents," "World Leaders," "Famous Names," "Famous Americans," "Historic 4. What is the official name of the famous tower popularly called Big Ben? 5. Name the five buildings in the Londonist logo. A point for all 5, half point for any 3. (And very easy if you're doing this on the website.) Answers appear below on Monday. Write your own persuasive argument using rhetorical devices to convince an audience. Choose any topic that interests you, and write a speech or editorial that employs logos, pathos and ethos as categorized by the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle. But even before Watson secured its now-famous win, IBM was working on how to turn the cute quiz show-dominating machine Watson VP Manoj Saxena on the shrinking Watson Jeopardy Watson had one task - get an answer, understand it, and find the question .

MADISON Avenue's going for game shows, and quiz shows too, not to mention talent shows. To attract attention amid the commercial clutter, a growing number of advertisements appearing on television are borrowing creative elements from famous TV shows of the Take the Rediff Biz Quiz and find you see in the HMV logo is that of a puzzled dog looking at a cylinder recording and playing wondering where the voice came from. What is the dog's name? Wrong! Try again.. Wrong! The correct answer is Nipper. Bars in other cities—from Pete's Candy Store in Brooklyn to Stetson's Bar and Grill in Washington—have distinguished quiz nights "What do the logos of Best Buy, Napa Auto Parts and Denny's have in common?" The team's answer, they are all yellow Not wanting to do the done-to-death "Match the Logo to the Company" exercise, I decided to take a different tack and invoke the "Jeopardy!" effect where I provide an answer or hint and you provide the question, which in this case will also be a famous .

Logo Quiz Answers Logo Quiz Answers
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