Clothing Logos

If you are apparel business then you must get your brand identity as soon as possible!

I am saying this because logo has invariably been given a huge importance in clothing businesses and if you have just tipped your toes in the apparel business then you should get it as soon as possible. Even blue chip companies have logos that are considered as the state of the art brand identities in the world.

It is a cash cow for big brands like Armani and Prada; this is why it is on the top. What do you think, what is the secret of these big brand identities? So, let me tell you that there is nothing out of the world in them. As far as I think, they believe in creating a simple brand identity which is not commonly observed today. What I want to say is people are after creating funky, upbeat and over-done clothing logo which sometimes doesn't go with the theme of the clothing business.

Colors are the most important aspect of corporate identities which can be used to enhance or destroy the quality of it. Colors that are mostly preferred in apparel identities are normally black and pink. Pink is usually used to depict a women's fashion brand. Color scheme is decided on the basis of the nature of business you have. For example; a wedding dress boutique's identity would be totally different from a garments company's identity.