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QuizUp links to your Facebook accounts, finds things you're interested in, and lets you compete with either friends or strangers in those categories. So if you're a Dexter fan or Harry Potter fan like I am, you can challenge others to answer questions on Write your own persuasive argument using rhetorical devices to convince an audience. Choose any topic that interests you, and write a speech or editorial that employs logos, pathos and ethos about your experiences. 2. Speeches: Rhetorical devices 2. Watkin’s Folly Name the five buildings in the Londonist logo. A point for all 5, half point for any 3. (And very easy if you're doing this on the website.) Answers appear below on Monday. Images of the event courtesy of The Nine Elms Vauxhall Frame the content in the form of a quiz. Why not create local homeowners in your city with a Facebook ad. 2. Hold a Q&A on Twitter. Tweeting isn’t all about one-offs. You can release a block of questions and answers on Twitter and interact with .

Car Logos with Names Car Logos with Names
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Logo Quiz Answers Level 4facebook logos quiz 2 answers

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Car Logos with Namesfacebook logos quiz 2 answers