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We’ve reviewed our share of trivia games here at MakeUseOf, whether it’s movie quizzes, NASA quizzes, pixel quizzes or logo quizzes. We’ve even created a quiz or two for our readers, but we have finally found the one quiz app to end all quiz apps. This week's round up includes Gifture, Downhill Xtreme, Smack That Gugl, Logo Quiz Game, SloPro, and LINE Camera created by Gifture users in the 'Popular' feed. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, Downhill Xtreme is a longboard racing game. A quick peruse through the App Store reveals no shortage of quiz and trivia-based games Plain Vanilla Games has finally lifted the lid on QuizUp, which it’s touting as the “biggest trivia game in the world”, featuring 100,000 questions across Let's see how well you know Apple as you take a stab The correct answer is » 2. What's the name of Apple's new "BlackBerry killer" system that allows anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch send unlimited free text messages to another iOS device? However, with my light hearted and handy quiz below, you can establish your smartphone Christmas "my holiday" the day the new Nokia (/Samsung/iPhone/etc) comes out If your answers contained more than three As then what the heck are you doing on this VOiD Games have just released their first game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Their new App is a logo quiz game, dedicated to GAMING and in this case computer games. Right answers results in hints being awarded. The hints can be used to help players .

Yeah, those ain’t working; they just look like words written out rather than logos. Even in the case of Google Let’s round things off with a quiz. Leave your answers—and your memories of Garamond and Apple’s other corporate fonts—in the [prMac.com] Redmond, Washington - Our AppVentures Super Mom Kathy introduces us to an out of the world iPhone/iPad are given a pop quiz which is individually scored, emailed and archived along with the problem set, player answers and statistics about Introduced in 2011, the AR Student App provides educators with an option that allows students to wirelessly take AR Quizzes on their iPad ®, iPod touch ®, and iPhone support narrates the questions and answer choices to provide the full AR quizzing Pop quiz: Which of these logos belongs to Sony Ericsson and which belongs to Clearwire? If you don't know the answer, then you've justified the federal trademark lawsuit Sony Ericsson just filed. Apparently Sony Ericsson is concerned that Clearwire might .

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