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We used this service charge as a substitute for tipping from 2006 until we closed the restaurant this year to move to San Francisco. When we switched from tipping to a service charge, our food improved, probably because our cooks were being paid more and You’ve probably seen NASA’s so-called “meatball logo,” and wondered what it meant. Obviously, the blue sphere represents a planet. What about the red? I’d assumed the chevron stood for aeronautics, and once I heard it represented a certain Restaurant discovery service Zomato today announced it has acquired Urbanspoon to expand its global reach in the food-recommendation business. Zomato serves several regions, including India (where it is headquartered), the UK, Brazil and others. Those restaurants say employees are more satisfied and that service has actually improved. Moving away from tipping may never spread industrywide, but it's a model that may help answer some complaints about poor salaries. Packhouse, a no-tip meat emporium The restaurant opens for the first time Monday at 7348 Spout Springs The brand revitalization includes a new logo, product innovation, fresh packaging, crew uniforms and revived advertising.” In addition to the design changes, Wendy’s rolled The preseason Jets-Bengals game the Nike logos on the uniform sleeves. They jumped out all the more because half the time, they were pointing the wrong way. Twitter agrees: Why is the swoosh on the right sleeve pointing backward? Nike's answer is .

Now you see it, it's a beautiful facility with an unbelievable hotel, a restaurant. It's come a long way and it's only been a year, but a lot can happen in a year and now I'm on the other side of things. Being an ambassador for this game … it's a great Several weeks ago I needed to do something in Ruby restaurant’s food. For a start, uncle Bob gave you a small CSV file that contained 4 rows with their 4 most frequent customers. Here’s a visual representation of the file: Let’s take a small quiz. Instead, he performed the entire two hours from a seat straight out of Game of Thrones, the Foo Fighters’ logo directly behind him and guitar necks radiating from the base. Nor did the imposed restraint diminish his trademark enthusiasm, the Foos WRIGLEY FIELD — Pop quiz: How do you move a 92-year-old house across the street without doing any damage? Answer: Very, very slowly. So slowly, in fact, that the only way to capture the action was through a stop-motion video. On Thursday, the Chicago .

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