A bookstore chain called Family Christian has taken a crappy Android tablet, slapped a new logo on it, and rebranded it as the Edifi—the world's first Christian one of the dozens of iOS or Android Bible apps out there. But of course, those aren She has worked doing various jobs from designing logos to filming commercials and animating music videos for both domestic and international music artists. Get your free chapter of Level Up Your Web Apps with Go Get a free chapter of Level Up Your Web Apps “The identity standard is an extension of our logo. It strengthens our brand,” said to electronically deliver Bible studies. It also offers a smartphone app that handles campaigns and events by offering a scannable QR code to track attendance Many get to a point where it makes sense to consider outsourcing the most basic of daily operational recently singled out Logos Bible Software, based in Bellingham, Wash., for a sales-tax audit. Logos sells multilingual Bible-study tools and resources In April 2010 Faithlife (known at the time as Logos Bible Software) announces that it will move into the Flatiron building. August 2010: CH2M Hill moves into its current location on Bellwether Way. May 2013: CH2M Hill is hired to prepare the Environmental The good book is getting the high-end app treatment. Kory Westerhold, a former Apple designer and devout Christian, has teamed up with Yahoo designer Aaron Martin to bring NeuBible to tablets and other smart devices. It's the Bible optimized for mobile .

One of the most iconic science and technology logos, the minimalist NASA symbol, is being honored by having its design bible resurrected by fans. Designed in 1974 by the Danne & Blackburn design firm, the 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual will be offered Before publication, the changes were approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The new volume, called the New American Bible Revised Edition, will come out in a variety of paper and digital formats, including as a cellphone app. "I can't hear; I'm deaf," he says, enunciating carefully. "This is an app called I See What You Say, and it will let me read your words on my watch." He always adds proudly: "It's from my startup company." Jaha's startup, Digital Army Devices (a name Apple has confirmed that malicious code has found its way into apps being sold in the App Store – marking the first successful major attack on the marketplace. In a statement published by Reuters, Apple said that it had found and removed several apps .

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